Solid Waste Management


In 2013 Hariyali added another feather in its cap by enlarging the scope of its activities by entering the field of Solid Waste Management. The T-ward Municipal office of MCGM supported Hariyali and the efforts bore fruit with the success of initiating composting activity in 75 housing societies as a part of Hariyali’s initiative towards achieving ‘Zero garbage’ in T ward of MCGM.

(MCGM - To be mentioned once as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation)


Hariyali has successfully completed biodegradable waste (cut vegetables waste from Market and restaurants) treatment at MMM Road, Mulund, West during the period from December 2015 to December- 2017. The success was followed by a Proposal for treatment of up to 10 Metric tons of biodegradable waste which was submitted to T ward MCGM. In 2017, 3000 sq.ft of area at Navghar Toll Naka, Mulund was allotted to Hariyali to conduct the activity. The inauguration was done on 3 rd August, 2018. Open-pit composting method has been implemented at this site. Initially 600 kg/day waste was treated. By June 2019, 42 MT of compost was ready. The compost was handed over to MCGM officials of Garden department. By investing in technology new compost curing system was installed for better efficiency. Nirmalya during Ganesh festival was also treated in 2018 and 2019, 25MT and 12 MT respectively and plan to do so in future as well.


Hariyali helps housing societies in managing their own Solid waste by initially conducting awareness program on “Solid Waste Management” and later by guiding them in establishing a suitable facility for bio-composting. Hariyali also educates on scientific segregation of household waste and converting this segregated waste into bio-compost. If, due to some constraints, it is difficult for a society to construct required facility Hariyali also helps interested individuals from that society by guiding them to start composting at home. It is possible to do bio-composing at home using either earthen pot or basket once good practices of wet waste segregation are adopted by each and every family member. The manure thus formed can be used for plants in society or at home. The common concern of such a unit producing stinking, foul smell in the home can be addressed by proper management of the process.


Since past few years HARIYALI has been assisting MCGM for proper handling (bio-composting) of ‘nirmalya’ (Pooja flowers) that is generated during Ganesh festival, which would otherwise have been not dealt with properly. As much as 800 kg. of ‘nirmalya’ is processed properly, this way every year.


As an extension to composting activity HARIYALI has experimented with kitchen waste management and creation of a kitchen garden at the MMM road site. An introductory course in kitchen gardening was conducted at Anand Nagar in 2019. The idea is to encourage waste management, though in a limited way, at the micro level – i.e at the kitchen level.

Though this is not a regular activity at present HARIYALI perceives it to be a very simple and cost effective option of kitchen waste management which has an in built advantage of spreading environmental awareness and encouraging inclusiveness among the masses.


  • Hariyali has submitted a proposal in 2019, for treatment of 3 MT of garden waste at Malaviya Road, Mulund (W).
  • Home composting of kitchen waste can be made a way of life if projected properly.
  • Hariyali sells the rich compost at very nominal prices yet generating revenue for the activity.


Some pictures of the past...


  • In last 6-7 years, a total of 3500 MT. of biodegradable waste from residential societies was treated.
  • In last 2 years a total 268 MT of biodegradable waste from markets and Hotels was also treated.
  • 327.6 MT of biodegradable waste was treated in last 18 months at Navghar, Mulund composting site.
  • In last 6 years compost worth Rs. 6 lacs was generated reducing about 4000 MT biodegradable waste from going to dumping grounds.
  • Hariyali has conducted numerous Awareness Sessions on this topic at various locations and educational institutions in recent years.