One of the most exciting activities that Hariyali undertakes periodically, every 6-8 weeks, is Treks and Nature Trails in and around Thane and Navi Mumbai. The treks not only result in a direct bonding of the participants with nature but also a bonding between themselves as they walk through the forest, up on the mountains, along the river beds and discover less travelled paths. This discovery of the simple beauty of nature refreshes the trekkers from their mundane routine. Bonding with family and friends refreshes the heart and the serenity of nature refreshes the soul. The greenery soothes the eyes and the variety of flora and fauna reminds of the divine. The bounty of colours of nature fills charm in the colourless and busy lives of the participants. PROCEDURE

Time table and details of treks/tours are published to those who are actively associated with Hariyali. Detailed introduction regarding preparatory work, time duration, ease or difficulty of the trek are communicated well in advance to the prospective participants.

For some of the treks, a local expert/ guide is hired to provide in-depth information about various species of the trees.


Some of the regular treks are

  • Tikuji-ni-Wadi to Patona Pada, Yeoor Forest
  • Kasarvadavali to Patona Pada, Yeoor Forest
  • Ovala to Chenna Creek
  • Munda Dongar near Gaimukh Check Post
  • Nagla Bunder Forest
  • Mama-Bhanja Hills


Besides the nature treks Hariyali had regularly conducted ECO TOURS for its members and their families. An eco tour does not require the rigors of a trek and the object is to meet at an eco-friendly location together with family and friends, amidst nature, but with little physical activity thereby making it popular amongst all age groups, especially with those who cannot walk much. Have a look at the past tour destinations and decide to be a part of the next one

  • FY 2006-07 Kashedi Eco Tour
  • FY 2008-09 Phansad Eco Tour
  • FY 2009-10 Dahivali Eco Tour
  • FY 2011-12 Bhavale and Pise Dam Eco tour
  • FY 2012-13 Wangani Eco Tour
  • FY 2014-15 Manas Organic Farm Eco Tour
  • FY 2015-16 Nisargamitra Farm tour
  • FY 2016-17 Saguna Baug Eco tour
  • FY 2017-18 Keshavsrushti Bhayandar
  • FY 2018-19 Visawa Resort & Hospitality, Saralgaon Eco Tour
  • FY 2019-20 Pathare Wadi Agro Tourism, Vashind
  • FY 2020-21 Yusuf Meherally Centre & Go Green Nursery, Karnala Tour


  • That some of the first treks of Hariyali were in fact trail discovery at the Yeoor forest;
  • That from the top of Dindeshwar Mahadev, trek point one can see the entire Ulhas river, kalyan, Ulhasnagar and beyond and is just 15 kms from Thane.
  • That Hariyali had undertaken a 3 days River Parikrama of Bhatsa starting at Gantandevi temple of Kasara Ghat which classifies in category of strenuous trek.
  • The average participants at the Eco Tours are around 50.
  • That one very interesting trek of Hariyali was the trek in Yeoor hills during bamboo flowering season which is a rare sight of nature.
  • That members of age ranging from 10 to 70 years participate in the treks depending on the level of trek.


If you want to get a kick of the exciting treks, peek at some pictures of the past treks...


  • Treks serve multiple purposes
  • Participants get to know flora and fauna and appreciate different moods of the forest during different seasons
  • It serves as a regular source of Seeds collection for in-house development of saplings
  • The participants get to know in more details about the activities and projects undertaken by Hariyali and participate in the future.