Corporate Social Responsibility


With the increasing awareness about the need for environment protection coupled with the increasing expectations of the society, as well as the government from corporates to lend a hand to this socially important cause, the participation of corporates in environment related activities has been on the rise.

Corporate participation takes the character of project sponsorship or donations in cash to fund the activity and/or in the form of group participation in the actual work, be it plantation or water conservation. The wilful participation of this very important component of the society in environmental protection is heartening.


HARIYALI has been always looked upon as a preferred choice of Corporates for plantation, water conservation and environmental awareness creation activities due to the qualified and well-known gallery of trustees and dedicated and committed members.

Since the past about 8 to 10 years several big listed and/or multi-national companies have shown interest in participating in HARIYALI’s activities. These Corporates have also contributed funds to finance the bigger activities like the afforestation and other initiatives undertaken by Hariyali through their CSR funds.

Some of the regularly participating listed companies/multinational Corporates are

  • Bajaj Electricals Limited
  • Hexaware Technologies
  • TATA Consultancy Services
  • Morgan Stanely group
  • Galaxy Surfactants Limited
  • Reliance Energy Limited


Hariyali being a non-funded, unaided NGO carries on its work with a strong financial support through CSR from Corporates as well as donations from nature loving individuals. Those Corporates intending to do something in the field of environment would like to know what HARIYALI has done in the past and whether they would like to participate in something similar for their organisation in the near future. We share a few initiatives of the past

  • Morgan Stanely hosted 500 members on a single day
  • Nursery project at Murar road nursery, as a CRS initiative
  • LyondellBasell celebrated their Environment day with Hariyali and participated with 125 employees.


HARIYALI is an action-oriented organisation and we take pride in our work. We encourage and invite action-oriented Corporates, who are interested in contributing to the environment, to our activities. Yes! Participants can take selfies and photo sessions of the action during plantation sessions but what is more fulfilling and cherished is the feel of nature your employees get with some hands-on sessions in plantation or post plantation care. They feel the happiness every time they see their saplings grow over the years.

If you want to do some constructive work here is how we can associate…..


The Companies Act, 2013 under section 135 (1) has made mandatory provisions for certain corporates to spend an amount equal to 2% of their Net profits on CSR activities. The PROVISO to the section requires the corporates to give preference to the local areas and the areas around it for undertakingCSR activities. Keeping the legal requirements in mind corporates around THANE can consider HARIYALI as a preferred partner for sustainable and result oriented CSR activities. The activities allowed under the rules can be carried out jointly with any registered Trust having minimum 3 years of past experience in the area in which the CSR activity is intended to be undertaken.

HARIYALI qualifies as NGO, being a registered public trust engaged in environmental activities. Our past record of 25 years of consistent work in the field of environment protection and our holistic view of the subject makes us a natural choice for many Corporates to join hands with us. If you want to join with HARIYALI, give a try… just drop an email!


HARIYALI shall, on request, provide an acknowledgement of the participation to the Corporates stating the nature of work and the number of participants. Your donation in cash, if any, shall be recognised by way of a cash receipt. Any sponsorship of a project or part of the project shall be duly acknowledged with a cash receipt as well as a letter of appreciation signed on behalf of HARIYALI.


Your corporate did something enjoyable yet useful, mandatory yet extremely satisfying. So why waste time in thinking, drop an email to and fix your date with HARIYALI.


  • ONE of the first and regular corporate to be associated with HARIYALI is SURANA MOVERS LIMITED which is a company owned by HARIYALI’s founder and trustee. They have been our most regular donor since last 25 years.
  • Money spent well is as important as money earned has been HARIYALI’s core principle since inception.
  • The value of time, labour and support extended by numerous corporates to the activities of HARIYALI is several times more than their donations but the value in return in the form of a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of contribution to the environment and pride of being a responsible citizen is immeasurable.


See how you would look in a plantation session with HARIYALI... Click for snaps of corporate action


  • Spending a part of Net profits on CSR is a mandatory corporate activity and association with HARIYALI will make your spending an INVESTMENT.
  • A joint social activity instills a sense of Team spirit among the corporate employees which is essential for Team Building.
  • Corporates associated with HARIYALI take pride in having put the CSR funds to good use by being a contributor to the environment rather than just a benefiter.