One of the most valuable contribution of HARIYALI to the cause of environment protection is the creation of widespread awareness and promoting increasing acceptance among the people that ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION is a social cause. It is not my, or your, it is OUR cause. Not only we all but even our future generations shall get affected positively if we care and nurture the environment now….. before it is too late and if we DO NOT protect it now… not only we all but even our future generations shall pay a heavy price for the environmental damage.


It was the sheer foresight of the founders of HARIYALI that involving masses in the environmental activity is the only way to sustain such an activity consistently over long period. Towards this end the schools and colleges were tapped for plantation activity. The children became the first activist and their enthusiasm and energy filled the entire plantation activity with youthful fun. But it served the larger purpose of reaching the ENVIRONMENT message to hundreds of homes and in turn many of their parents too picked up the thread and joined HARIYALI as volunteers. The other set of people targeted for the activity were school and college principles, professors, teachers, doctors, engineers and other educated elite. Their words and thoughts mattered and they could influence many in their respective fields. The result is a action oriented , focused organization named HARIYALI which has a gallery of highly educated and socially aware members.


HARIYALI has carried out variety of awareness programs and campaigns over its existence of past 25 years. Some notable activities are

  • NEWSPAPER ARTICLES: Hariyali has written several articles and experiences in various newspapers so as to reach out to the masses and inform the people about its activities. Some notable of these are
    • A series of articles on “AIR pollution control Act” and “Water pollution control Act” were published to make people aware about legal framework on environment.
    • A drawing competition on environment day.
    • Ganesh Chaturthi donation Kalash to spread awareness at festivals.
    • Distribution of pamphlets and leaflets at schools and colleges.
    • Regular newspaper information on the activities of HARIYALI
  • MEDICINAL PLANT Exhibition: For several years HARIYALI has been instrumental in organizing medicinal plants exhibition with the cooperation of other environmental organizations.
  • JAY HARI VITTHAL ABHIYAN: A unique awareness campaign targeted at the warkaris who travel barefoot to Pandharpur every year. Distribution of seeds to be sown over the path of their foot sojourn was a unique way of plantation as well as getting a large recognition in newspapers and magazines besides taking the campaign to grass root levels.
  • CONDUCTING SEMINARS AND LECTURES: several lectures and seminars have been organized from time to time on various subjects of environmental interest.
  • PARTICIPATING IN VRUKSHA VALLI EXHIBITON organized by Thane Municipal Corporation every year. Hariyali presents itself by way of a stall in this exhibition, displaying various initiatives undertaken by Hariyali in the field of environment. The stall receives thousands of footfalls. To make the event lively Hariyali’s enthusiastic volunteers connect with each individual expressing interest in such activities. Social media such as WhatsApp group is created thereafter to keep such nature lovers informed about forthcoming activities, appealing them to participate as possible. This is an important initiative by Hariyali for the nature lovers in general public in making available to them a platform to work upon who otherwise are at a loss to engage themselves in the activity of their interest. It is, in fact, win-win situation for both Hariyali as well as nature lovers.
  • REACHING OUT to large masses through presentations/ interviews on TV and AIR when such an opportunity is available.


HARIYALI has been visible on the social screen at most of the Shobha yatras organized in Thane on the Hindu new year day of Gudi Padwa. Novel themes and pictorial representation to its activities helped to reach its message to the masses who thronged to see the Shobha Yatra every year. The first such float was a huge 16 feet model of HARIYALIS PARYAVARAN RATH with 7 horses representing the seven colors of the sun. Some of the other popular theme floats were Jai hari vitthal abhiyan, Bhatsa Nadi parikrama, Thane Environmental Balance sheet etc…. Do see the picture gallery to relive the moments…. Click here..


HARIYALI has been regularly volunteering in collection and management of the nirmalya or flower waste collected during Ganesh Visarjan by composting a major part of the waste. The twin objective of creating awareness of the benefits of waste management and promoting public participation is being achieved with this unique activity.


Terrace farming is a natural corollary to kitchen waste management and it became a logical reaction of the people when societies received notice from municipalities to treat biodegradable green / kitchen waste.

As an extension to composting activity, Hariyali conducted a course in terrace/ kitchen gardening in 2019 and since then considers it a promising option of waste management at source.

Terrace farming not only creates environmental awareness and extolls the need to manage one’s own waste but also makes the fruits of labour enjoyable and entertaining.


  • The first float of HARIYALI in Shobha yatra was in the year 2001 and had pictures of the state Flower tree – TAMAN , state fruit - MANGO, state animal – SHEKAROO and the state bird - HARIYAL.
  • That water activist Mr. Rajendra Singh had visited Hariyalis program on water management as the chief guest.
  • That Hariyalis forest reading program was attended by the noted bird/ tree expert Mr. _________


If you want to get a kick of the exciting treks, peek at some pictures of the past treks...


  • The spearheads of HARIYALIS awareness campaigns have been students.
  • Print, audio video media, lectures and seminars, exhibitions have all been used judiciously for creating awareness.
  • Suitable platform is made available to nature lovers who otherwise would notknow where to work, how to work and what work is involved